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To read our first installment on stalking, click here.Our second installment on sexual violence prevention can be found here, and our third installment on sexual assault investigations can be found here.Recently, there has been an increase in research focused on identifying risk and protective factors for dating violence across the individual-, relationship-, community-, and societal-levels, yet studies exploring associations between parent-child relationships and dating violence have been lacking.The present study examined the associations between the perceived quality of mother-child relationships and father-child relationships and dating violence victimization and perpetration experiences among a sample of emerging adults.The effects of injuries and violence extend beyond the injured person or victim of violence to family members, friends, coworkers, employers, and communities.

Despite the widespread occurrence of dating violence and its devastating consequences, research indicates many administrators, teachers, public safety officers and counselors don’t know how to properly address the issue. Ninety percent said there had been no staff training in the previous two years on the topic even though 61% had counseled victims of dating violence in the past two years.

Results indicated that individuals who reported higher quality relationships with their mothers and fathers had fewer victimization and perpetration experiences.

There were significant differences on dating violence perpetration experiences by gender, with women reporting higher means for psychological aggression only.

Particulr emphasis is put on the description of the effects that different types of family violence cause on the individuals' health.

Dating violence has been identified as a serious public health problem among adolescents and emerging adults.


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