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Introduce yourself as someone who plays video games, and you already feel a judgement coming.Using LFGdating eliminates that part of the process; hopefully, the stigma altogether.Launched in 1999 by Gibby Miller, Makeoutclub introduced features and concepts (such as customizable user profiles with photos and interests sections), which later became standard in the social networking sites that followed This version of the site was hosted privately, the URL given to friends to "leak" for testing purposes before launch.In the beginning, the site was simple, and featured member pages divided by "Boys" and "Girls" with each user able to maintain a "Profile Card", stream on a cams page, interact on site forums, and contribute news for the homepage.

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• – Men can meet women currently convicted in prison (or you can give your buddy the blind date of the century! • – A place for hardcore Star Trek fans to get together… • Ashley – A place were married couples can look for an affair.

Despite the site's name, Miller insisted in the years of the site's infancy that it was not a dating site, but a place to make friends.

Makeoutclub was featured in Time Magazine, The Face UK, Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone, as well as several television spots across MTV2, G4 Tech TV, Much Music, and more.

Can you imagine the mindset of a woman on a site like datemypet.com?

She might be way more interested in playing into her pet’s romance fantasy than yours.


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