How to handle an intimidating person

Being told “You’re too intimidating” is incredibly aggravating to women.After all, women are encouraged to be assertive, accomplished and independent; being told that they’re “intimidating” sounds like they’re being told to take all of that back and pretend to be something less than what they are. Are geek guys finding a woman’s accomplishments to be somehow threatening? Because “intimidating” is so subject to personal interpretation, I thought it was best to go to the source: geek guys.Most family relationships have their ups and downs.However, there is a difference between a relative who isn't always easy to get along with, and one whose spiteful behavior makes you feel unhappy or insecure.

It may be a family member, a co-worker, or a perfect stranger.We've been talking for a while, maybe even tried the dating thing, and for whatever reason, you feel the need to inform me (as if I didn't already know) that I'm intimidating.I applaud your honesty, but why are you telling me this?In extreme cases, their behavior may turn aggressive or threatening.This could escalate into a potentially dangerous situation. In milder circumstances, the situation may be easily diffused.If someone follows a verbal threat with physical violence, you may need to fight back.


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