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I have multiple devices on 1 apple ID (an i Phone 6, i Phone 5s, i Pod Touch 5, i Phone 4) and would like the devices to have separate apple IDs.

The i Phone 6 and i Phone 5s have separate apple IDs and the i Phone 4 and i Pod touch 5 will have the same apple ID. I turned on Family Sharing for my kids on my i Phone 5 that has i OS 8.

For a stronger passcode that’s quick to enter, stick to all numbers and aim for up to 12 digits.

How can we make sure that they’re safe while they’re using them?

For that matter, how can we make sure that our devices and data are safe from our little ones’ inquisitive tinkering?

Alternately, you can also fine tune this setting so that only certain apps can place notifications on your lock screen using the options right below this setting.

You can even block notifications from individual message threads: go into the message, tap the word Details on the upper right hand corner of your screen and slide the Do Not Disturb Button to the left. Hide Clandestine Contacts There’s no built-in setting for hiding individual contacts, but there are some smart workarounds.


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