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Their quintessentially British suits are probably more suited for a more casual wedding, but don’t let that stop you!

Hong Kong has 281 hotels (at August 2017) with a total of about 77,700 rooms.

The diocese has established its own administrative structure while maintaining close links with the Pope and other Catholic communities around the world.The new branding replaces the old design of blue and white tram tracks on a red background which has been in use since 1974 and the new graphic system will be used on trams, on tram stop signs to make them more conspicuous, on the route map to make it clearer, website to make it more user-friendly and on other passenger materials.The new logo is based on an image of double-decker tram silhouette with the shape of a bauhinia leaf in the background and a smile on the bumper.There are many current and future hotel projects in order to meet the increase in numbers of overnight visitors to Hong Kong in recent years, particularly from Mainland China.However, 2015 proved a difficult year for Hong Kong's hotel trade with a decline in tourist visitor numbers and occupancy rates.Three trams have been specially liveried to promote the new image with new logo and "Catch a ride, Catch a smile" slogan and all trams will display a smile on their bumpers for a period of three months.


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