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But Manigault reportedly said that it was wrong of Trump to joke about police roughing people up.Manigault acknowledged being one of the only senior black officials in the White House and said that it's her "responsibility" to bring stakeholders in the black community into policy discussions, Carrasquillo reported.Traditionally, the office coordinates outreach to the full spectrum of interest groups, aiming to build support among them for the administration’s initiatives.The Trump administration is already confronting its share of thorny issues and has alienated some key stakeholders in the process: This week, a few influential conservative groups voiced opposition to the administration’s proposal to reform health care. Already, she has pushed the president to sign an executive order “to promote excellence and innovation” at Historically Black Colleges.These are things that have come out of his own mouth,” Manigault wrote.They laughed at his gag about a member of the Trump White House appearing on TLC’s wedding-dress show.

The business mogul turned politician was also accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, and was often criticized for making derogatory remarks about women's appearances.When Omarosa Manigault was cast on the first season of Donald Trump’s reality show “Celebrity Apprentice,” it seemed an unusual fit.Manigault’s main claim to “fame” was her role on the first season of “The Apprentice” -- as the show’s charismatic villainess.#spraybae X @t.h.e_smitti X Bridesmaids 😹 Smitti does wedding, bar mitzvah, kids party, bachelorette party and etc… Omarosa Manigault has penned a passionate essay defending her former Apprentice boss, Donald Trump, against allegations of racism and sexism, and revealing how the president-elect was there for her after her brother’s murder and the sudden death of her then-fiancé, actor Michael Clarke Duncan.“I’m black, female, and Donald Trump is my friend,” the former reality star wrote in The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, December 6. And the reason she gave – and this is true again,” Noah said, anticipating another misunderstanding – “is that the administration did not want her interview on 'The Daily Show' to eclipse the news of the day.” Noah noted how little sense that made, given that the news of the day was that FBI director James Comey had publicly rejected Trump’s claim Obama wiretapped him, and confirmed the bureau is investigating any links between Russia and Trump’s campaign during the election.


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