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The authors of a study published at Cornell University Library have used these statistics to compile a list of the most controversial Wikipedia pages across different language versions of the site.

What follows are a list of 10 of these controversial topics on Wikipedia, pulled somewhat at random.

One way to measure the level of debate attached to different controversial topics on Wikipedia is to track the number of reverts that take place.

These are instances when one editor will completely undo another editor’s changes, reverting the page back to its previous state.

Mollena Williams, an alternative sexuality educator and blogger, is a co-author of “Playing Well With Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities.” March 5, 2013 The power of fantasy lies in the capacity to explore, without restriction, the inner recesses and outer limits of our psyche.

For many, it is enough to have the imaginary encounter, and it need never be breathed to another soul.

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Combined with the rise of digital this means it’s harder than ever to make and keep friends IRL*.

It’s happening in part because women are becoming savvier about mustering evidence to argue their claims–whether by photographing a license plate after an alleged attack, or by preserving Whats App messages alleged to show inappropriate workplace behavior.

In the latest development, police investigating sexual-harassment allegations against well-known Indian environmentalist Rajendra Pachauri have repeatedly interviewed his accuser and this week collected evidence from her, including her phone and a note written on an airline napkin, her lawyers said. Pachauri believes his phone and other accounts were hacked and therefore any messages weren’t from him. Previously, a reporter at a major Indian magazine, Tehelka, said her editor assaulted her just over a year ago.

This has its upsides and downsides, allowing a free repository of knowledge to exist for all, but one which has as many critics as fans.

Wikipedia is written by a team of unpaid editors, as well as other individuals who contribute as and when they can.


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