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I did an insert however when i render only the path to the image was shown on the report and not the image itself.

Table You cannot access a local directory from pl/sql.

Transactions might need to be grouped in situations where multiple updates are needed and the entire set of transactions is to be committed or the entire set undone in case of a single failure.

Transactions can operate at various isolation levels.

an infrastructure for the run-time integration of heterogeneous multi-agent and legacy systems, based on Sun's Jini, from one of DAML's sister programs Infrastructure Secure Sockets Layer toolkit, including support for SSL streams, X.509 Certificate Authority functions, and a general purpose cryptographic library. Chimaera is a software system that supports users in creating and maintaining distributed ontologies on the web.

Two major functions it supports are merging multiple ontologies together and diagnosing individual or multiple ontologies. EDU/software/chimaera/ Ontology Analyzer Java toolkit for RDF and DAML OIL, from HP Labs Bristol.

BEGIN LOOP UTL_HTTP.read_raw(l_http_response, l_raw, 2000); DBMS_LOB.writeappend (l_blob, UTL_RAW.length(l_raw), l_raw); END LOOP; EXCEPTION WHEN UTL_HTTP.end_of_body THEN UTL_HTTP.end_response(l_http_response); END; insert into my_pics (pic_id, pic) values (102, l_blob); commit; DBMS_LOB.freetemporary(l_blob); end; DECLARE l_blob BLOB; v_src_loc BFILE := BFILENAME('IMAGE_FILES', 'myimage.png'); v_amount INTEGER; BEGIN INSERT INTO esignatures VALUES (100, 'BOB', empty_blob()) RETURN iblob INTO l_blob; DBMS_LOB. You will need to use a client side app (not pl/sql on server side) to pull directly from a local directory.

You may also view this list in XML, DAML and OWL formats or using Spectacle.


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